Petworth Surgery - Information Governance

21 May 2019
Clear & to the point presentations & an in depth knowledge with open training techniques

Witterings Medical Centre

15 May 2019
Was totally different to what I was expecting - a great session on GDPR - really enjoyed it Very thorough and great to be interactive

South Maidstone PCN

14 Jan 2021
Cyber topic - Obviously I was aware of many of the risks but I had not realised to what extent one has to be careful. Very interesting and thought provoking.
Richard is a very knowledgeable man. He was able to put across this mandatory training session in an interesting way adding light humour and wit in order to help engage the audience and add interest. Thank you.

West Kent Primary Care

14 Jan 2021
Excellent advise on the revision of regulations for both personal and organisational level - fascinating cyber examples & notable data breaches.


14 Jan 2021
Never easy to train over the internet when you can't easily get immediate feedback. The information was a great introduction; presented at a good pace and very entertaining.

West Kent Primary Care

14 Jan 2021
Good examples to show how easy it is to lose control of information - hopefully staff will take this message away and be more aware of how they are managing patient and their own data.

Urban Village Medical Practice (Manchester)

10 Feb 2021
Nice not to just log onto a website and do E-learning

Arundel Surgery

01 Dec 2020
We all agreed that receiving the training in this way is much more preferable than wading through computer-based training on your own. I think that the sessions are fantastic, both yours and Richards.
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